Conditions That May Be Treated with Neuromodulation

In appropriately selected patients, neuromodulation can be effective to modify nerve activity, delivering mild electrical stimulation or micro-doses of medication to specific areas to relieve pain or restore function. Information about new techniques under investigation is available in clinical trials listings on the Research page. Some conditions that may be treated with neuromodulation are listed, with appropriate links, on this page.

Chronic Pain: Headache; Complex Regional Pain Syndrome; Neuropathy; Peripheral Neuralgia; Ischemic Pain; Failed Back Surgery Syndrome; Trigeminal Neuralgia

•    Spinal Cord Stimulation

•    Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation

•    Restorative Neurostimulation for Chronic Mechanical Back Pain

•    Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

•    Intrathecal Drug Delivery

•    Deep Brain Stimulation

•    Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

Movement Disorders: Spasticity; Parkinson’s Disease; Tremor, Dystonia; Tourette Syndrome; Camptocormia; Hemifacial Spasm; and Meige Syndrome

•    Deep Brain Stimulation

•    Intrathecal Baclofen Infusion


•    Vagus Nerve Stimulation

•    Deep Brain Stimulation

•    Closed Loop Stimulation

Psychiatric Disorders
: Depression (research summaries); Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (research summaries); Drug Addiction (research summaries); Anorexia/Eating Disorders

•    Deep Brain Stimulation

•    Vagus Nerve Stimulation

•    Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Functional Restoration: Traumatic Brain Injury; Hearing Impairment ; Blindness

•    Cortical Stimulation

•    Functional Electrical Stimulation

•    Transcranial DC Electrical Stimulation

•    Cochlear Nerve Stimulation

•    Visual Prosthetic

Cardiovascular Disorders: Angina; Heart FailureHypertension; Peripheral Vascular Disorders; Stroke

•    Spinal Cord Stimulation

•    Subcutaneous Peripheral Field Stimulation

•    Vagus Nerve Stimulation 

Gastrointestinal Disorders: Painful Disorders; Dysmotility; Obesity

•    Spinal Cord Stimulation

•    Gastric Stimulation

•    Intestinal Stimulation

Genitourinary Disorders: Painful Bladder Syndrome / Interstitial Cystitis; Voiding Dysfunction

•    Sacral Nerve Root Stimulation

•    Transcutaneous Sacral Nerve Stimulation

•    Pudendal Nerve Stimulation

Emerging Indications

•    Deep Brain Stimulation: Obesity

•    Cochlear Nerve Stimulation: Tinnitus

•    Brain and Cerebrospinal Drug Infusion Therapies: CNS Disease

•    Optogenetic Neuromodulation/Optical Light Stimulation: Movement Disorders; Chronic Pain, Epilepsy, Brain Injury

•    Spinal Cord Injury: Functional Electrical Stimulation

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