New! Biostatistics in Neuromodulation Explained

The INS, in collaboration with The Newcastle Cognition Lab at the University of Newcastle, is proud to launch a new series of short articles explaining how to critically apprise clinically-relevant literature to evaluate evidence and inform practice. Each primer features a single topic and an example within the context of clinical neuromodulation research and practice.

Upon reading these articles, readers will be able to:  

  • understand statistical methods, their interpretation, and their limitations
  • identify cognitive biases to avoid inadvertently misinterpreting evidence
  • interpret data for a deeper understanding of clinical research to inform clinical practice


How to Interpret a Bayes Factor

N-of-1 Trials & Their Use in Neuromodulation

Types of Data and the Appropriate Tests for Them

Receiver Operating Characteristics and the Area Under the Curve

What a P-Value Can and Cannot Tell You

The Fragility Index


Quentin F. Gronau, Garston Liang, and Alexander Thorpe
The Newcastle Cognition Lab
The University of Newcastle
Newcastle, NSW Australia