Neuromodulation Therapies - Patient Information

Neuromodulation treatments encompass a growing variety of methods that target the brain or nervous system at specific locations in the body, delivering mild electrical stimulation or drugs to relieve pain or restore function. If you would like more information about new techniques under investigation, please see the Research page for listings of clinical trials by category. Some of the more commonly treated conditions and techniques are defined or featured below, part of this site's growing list of descriptions and explanations.

Patient conversationConditions in which selected patients respond to neuromodulation therapies include:

cochlear implant
Cochlear implants were one of the first
applications of neuromodulation.

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Neuromodulation therapies using electrical stimulation:

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Neuromodulation therapies using targeted drug delivery:

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Glossary of definitions:

Tables summarizing clinical research studies of deep brain stimulation in behavioral conditions:

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