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12 April 2024

International Neuromodulation Society 16th World Congress to be Held in Vancouver in May 2024

9 April 2024

Free Public Education Event on Neuromodulation Therapies to be Held at Vancouver Convention Centre

15 April 2022

International Neuromodulation Society Announces "Innovations in Neuromodulation" Educational Event at INS World Congress

7 March 2022

Registration Is Open for the International Neuromodulation Society 15th World Congress in May in Barcelona

24 May 2019

International Neuromodulation Society Honors Two Giants of Neuromodulation

15 May 2019

Sydney-Area Pain Patient to Speak about His Experience with Neuromodulation Therapy

22 April 2019

Innovations Day Highlights Drug-free Neuromodulation Therapy

18 April 2019

International Neuromodulation Society Announces 14th World Congress in Sydney

15 April 2019

International Neuromodulation Society Announces 14th World Congress

9 April 2019

Neurostimulation for Chronic Pain, Bladder Conditions, and Movement Disorders
Free Public Event in Sydney, Australia, on May 26, 2019

30 May 2017

An Expert in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Named a "Giant of Neuromodulation"

29 May 2017

Competition Recognizes Neuromodulation Research that May Facilitate Expanded, Tailored Care

27 April 2017

Emerging Companies Aim to Treat Conditions that Medication Cannot Relieve

30 March 2017

Experts Present Advances in Treating Neurological Disease at the INS 13th World Congress

2 January 2017

Experts From the International Neuromodulation Society Produce New Consensus on Neuromodulation Therapy

5 June 2015
Non-Invasive Acupoint Stimulation May Be a New Bioelectronics Approach to Crohn’s Disease 

5 June 2015
Relief of Dystonia Symptoms Is Sustained in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Deep Brain Stimulation 

5 June 2015
Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain Led to Decreased Healthcare Costs and Improved Functional Measures

4 June 2015
World’s First Publicly Funded Spinal Cord Stimulation Pilot Study Supports Feasibility of a Full Clinical Trial in Refractory Angina Pectoris

4 June 2015 
U.S. Space Program Researchers Develop Potential Nano-Tools for Deep Brain Stimulation

31 May 2015
Weekly Non-invasive Brain Stimulation Provides Long-Term Relief of Post-Stroke Pain

29 May 2015
More Than 1,300 International Experts in Montreal Will Address a Promising Therapeutic Avenue: Neuromodulation

29 May 2015
International Neuromodulation Society Names a Giant of Neuromodulation

21 May 2015
Five Scientific Abstracts Win Inaugural Competition at the International Neuromodulation Society 12th World Congress

14 May 2015
International Congress to Highlight Ways Neuromodulation Transforms Medical Treatment

13 May 2015
Neuromodulation Innovation - And Reimbursement

7 May 2015
INS Experts, Patients Present Neuromodulation Therapies

21 January 2015
Experts Share Advances in Neural Interventions for Chronic Conditions

12 August 2014
Experts Issue Comprehensive Guidance on the Use of Neurostimulation in Chronic Pain

31 July 2013
Offering Spinal Cord Stimulation Earlier Could be Better in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

19 June 2013
International Neuromodulation Society Names "Giant of Neuromodulation"

13 June 2013
International Panel of Expert Physicians and Neuroscientists Looks to the Future of "Digital Drugs," Implantable Devices for the Treatment of Pain
- Exciting New Options Include Focus on Dorsal Root Ganglion; New Frequencies of Neurostimulation; and New Devices for Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

13 June 2013
Deep Brain Stimulation Trial in Treatment-Resistant Obesity Links Weight Loss Trend to Metabolism Increase Programmed in Metabolic Chamber

12 June 2013
Expert Panel of Physicians and Neuroscientists Announce International Guidance on Implantable Devices for the Treatment of Head and Body Pain

12 June 2013
Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Treated with Anti-Spasm Agent Partially Recover from Disorders of Consciousness

11 June 2013
Neurostimulation Helped Children’s Intractable Constipation

11 June 2013
Neuromodulation Increased Scores in Study of Impact on Sexual Dysfunction

10 June 2013
Expert Panel of Physicians and Neuroscientists Announce International Guidance on Using Neurostimulation for Chronic Pain

Expert Panel of Physicians and Neuroscientists Announce International Guidance on Using Neurostimulation to Significantly Reduce the Need for Opioids in Chronic Pain

19 April 2013
Abstract Highlights Precede June Neuromodulation Congress - International Neuromodulation Society Accepts a Record Number of Abstracts at Its 11th World Congress

11 April 2013
Medical Device "Summit" on Neuromodulation Growth

10 April 2013
Innovations in Neuromodulation: Discover the latest industry trends from key opinion leaders, acquirers, and 13 early-stage companies

9 January 2013
International Neuromodulation Society 11th World Congress, Technology Transforming Chronic Illness Management, Expects 1,500 Participants in June 2013 in Berlin
- The biennial scientific conference draws participants from six continents and presents the most comprehensive breadth of all neuromodulation therapies . . .

26 April 2012 
International Neuromodulation Society Announces Public Education Funding - Grants from Boston Scientific, Medtronic and St. Jude Medical will help the International Neuromodulation Society (INS) develop public education materials . . .

24 Feb 2010
10 Things to Know about Neuromodulation. Minimally Invasive Procedures to Reduce or Alleviate Pain

04 Dec 2008 
Largest Gathering of Neuromodulation Experts Explores Breaking Developments in Neurodevice Technologies at 12th North American Neuromodulation Society Meeting
 – Leading researchers and clinicians from the field of neuromodulation assembled today at the 12th annual meeting of the North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS)...

20 Feb 2008 
The International Neuromodulation Society Reports Record Growth in Professional Membership and Attendance at World Congress – Milestones Parallel Major Progress in the Field of Neuromodulation...

11 Dec 2007 
First Study to Reduce Depression with Cortical Neuromodulation Implant Announced at International Neuromodulation Society World Congress –Implant Designed to Deliver Electrical Pulses to Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Shows Promise in Major Depression Disorder...

Significant Improvement in Post-Stroke Upper Limb Function Announced at International Neuromodulation Society World Congress

10 Dec 2007 
The International Neuromodulation Society Announces Promising Results for Treating Anorexia Nervosa with Deep Brain Stimulation – Two-Year Study Reveals Effective Alternate Therapy for Devastating Eating Disorder...

03 Dec 2007
International Neuromodulation Society Announces Eighth World Congress in Acapulco, Mexico –Results to be presented from cutting-edge studies on novel treatments for depression, addiction disorders and stroke recovery... – Nerve Stimulation Results in Recovery of Arm, Hand, and Finger Movement...

06 Nov 2007 
Media Alert - Neuromodulation 2007: Technology at the Neural Interface Conference
 –This year’s 8th World Congress of the International Neuromodulation Society (INS) will cover groundbreaking new clinical data and real-life applications for treating such diseases and impairments as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression, Stroke, Cardiac Disease, Eyesight & Hearing Loss and Paralysis using today’s newest neuromodulation therapies...

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