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For membership inquiries, please contact Prof. Damianos Sakas at [email protected]

SEE INS Chapter Administrative Committee

President: Prof Damianos Sakas, Neurosurgeon
Vice President: Prof Efstathios Boviatsis, Neurosurgeon
General Secretary: Assoc Prof Stefanos Korfias, Neurosurgeon
Treasurer: Prof Stergios Gatzonis, Neurologist
Special Secretary: Dr Efstathios Vlachakis, Neurosurgeon
Dr Constantina Romana, Anesthesiologist
Dr Marios Themistocleous, Neurosurgeon

Learn more about the: Joint Congress of the INS European Chapters

December 2012 presentation to news media and officials - access slides (in Greek) here: News interview parts 1 and 2

Neuromodulation in Europe 2010: Clinical Update in Neuromodulation
Joint Meeting of the Spanish, French, German, Italian, and SE European Neuromodulation Societies
Date: June 16-18, 2010
Madrid, Spain

Conference Website

Neuromodulation in Europe 2009 
Joint Congress of the Italian, French, German, Southeastern Europe and Spanish Neuromodulation Societies in Florence, Italy.
Date: June 12-14, 2009

For additional information, please contact:
F.I.M.O. srl
Via Kyoto 43
50126 Firenze, Italy
Tel: 055 6800389
Fax: 055 683355

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