Young Neuromodulators Committee

This committee's members will engage and serve as mentors to those who are new to neuromodulation to nurture the future of the field.


What is the purpose of the Young Neuromodulators Committee?
The Committee encourages INS members to serve as mentors to those who are new to neuromodulation, in order to promote safe, efficacious, and collaborative clinical and research efforts as we nurture the future of the field.

Who may participate in the Young Neuromodulators?
The INS Young Neuromodulator Committee is pleased to provide this means for members around the globe to connect. All members may participate, either as a mentee seeking to increase knowledge of the discipline, or as a mentor willing to engage with physicians new to the discipline.

What activities are sponsored by the Young Neuromodulators?
Surveys: An online survey conducted in 2016 had 250 respondents from the Americas, Europe, UK, Asia and Australia. Most respondents (79%, 204/257) cited pain as their primary focus of treatment. A follow-up survey self-assessing strengths and weaknesses identified 35 mentors and 15 mentees.

In-Person Meetings: Young Neuromodulators have an opportunity to network during receptions at the biennial congress and at INS-sponsored regional and chapter meetings.

Mentor/Mentee Program: A mentor/mentee program is available to chapter / INS members. The INS Board and members of the Young Neuromodulators and International Women in Neuromodulation committees will pair mentee applicants, who are in training or early autonomous practice, with more experienced colleagues to serve as mentors. Mentoring pairs are expected to communicate quarterly to discuss important topics in the field of implantable technologies, best practices, clinical management and career development. The program is industry neutral and aims to provide supplemental enrichment to expand and enhance neuromodulation practice.

Mentor Application

Mentee Application

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