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The Swiss Neuromodulation Society formed in 2011 under the leadership of:
Dr. Christophe Perruchoud, President
Pr. Eric Buchser, Vice President Contact address:
Swiss Neuromodulation Society
Case Postale 393
1009 Pully - Switzerland
Email: [email protected] 

Learn more about the: Joint Congress of the INS European Chapters

Past Events

The 2016 annual meeting

18-19 November

Montreux, Switzerland

 The 2013 annual meeting was held in Montreux from 15-16 November, 2013.

FRIDAY, November 15, 2013

SESSION 1 – SPINAL STENOSIS Chair: Philippe Mavrocordatos, Lausanne
Diagnosis and conservative therapies
Constantin Schizas, Lausanne
Minimally invasive approach
Salim Hayek, Cleveland (USA)
Spinal cord stimulation for lumbar stenosis
Elliot S. Krames, San Francisco (USA)

Chair: Christophe Perruchoud, Morges
Differential diagnosis and conservative therapies
Reto Agosti, Zurich (CH)
Minimally invasive approach
Marteen van Kleef, Maastricht (NL)
Jean-Pierre van Buyten, Sint-Niklaas (BE)

Chair: Patrick Willimann, Zurich (CH)
Conservative therapies: an update
Salim Hayek, Cleveland (USA)
Minimally invasive approach
Salim Hayek, Cleveland (USA)

Electrical stimulation of the nervous system : an overview of the mechanisms of action.
Elliot S. Krames, San Francisco (USA)

SATURDAY, November 16, 2013

Chair: Vera Sattelmeyer, Vevey (CH)
Diagnostic strategy
Martine Puylaert, Ziekenhuis Oost Limburg (BE)
Minimally invasive approach
Richard Rauck, Winston Salem (USA)
Sam Eldabe, Middlesbrough (UK)
Surgical approach
Constantin Schizas, Lausanne (CH)

SESSION 5 – CANCER PAIN Chair: Danielle E. Skouvaklis, Lausanne
Pathophysiology of cancer pain Michael Gofeld, Seattle (USA)
Minimally invasive approach Salim Ghazy, Jacksonville (USA)
Intrathecal therapies Richard Rauck, Winston Salem (USA)
Therapeutic radiological approach Nicolas Theumann, Lausanne (CH)

Future of invasive pain therapy Marteen van Kleef, Maastricht (NL)

FRIDAY, November 15, 2013

WORKSHOP 1 : Neuromodulation/Interventional Training on Phantom

Sponsors: Medtronic, Parimed, Philips, St-Jude

Chair : Edzard Ellerkmann, Marc-André Schwab and Christophe Zurschmiede

WORKSHOP 2 : Ultrasound for Interventional procedures

Sponsor: SIEMENS

Chair: Dr Andreas Siegenthaler, Bern

SATURDAY, November 16, 2013  

WORKSHOP 3 : Ultrasound for Interventional procedures

Sponsor: SIEMENS

Chair: Dr Andreas Siegenthaler, Bern

Congress venue and location

The Swiss Pain Congress will be held at the Grand-Hotel Suisse Majestic, Montreux:

Grand-Hotel Suisse Majestic
Avenue des Alpes 45H – 1820 Montreux
T +41 21 966 33 33
F +41 21 966 34 60
[email protected]

Joint Annual Meeting, Swiss Society for Interventional Pain Management and the Swiss Neuromodulation Society

Montreux, Switzerland, Nov. 9-10, 2012

Swiss Neuromodulation Society Announces 1st Annual Congress

Montreux Golf Hotel, Montreaux, Switzerland

December 02-03, 2011

The Swiss Neuromodulation Society and the Swiss Society for Interventional Pain Management held a joint annual meeting in Montreux. It was the third annual congress of the SSIPM and the first for the SNS. The specific focus was the link between research and clinical practice, with the hope to help participants to treat patients better under the light of new developments and updated research.

Plenary speakers:

Kaare Meier, Århus (DK)
Tools for follow-up: the Århus SCS database and the Danish Pain Research Center model.

David Abejón, Madrid (ES)
Spinal cord stimulation for failed back surgery syndrome.

Mark Plazier, Antwerben (BE)
Peripheral nerve stimulation for fibromyalgia.

Declan O’Keeffe, Dublin (IR)
High frequency stimulation.

Steven P. Cohen, Baltimore (USA)
Do diagnostic spinal injections improve surgical outcomes?
Low back pain interventional pain management: evidence based and cost-effective strategy

Cesar Margarit Ferri, Alicante (SP)
How well is the mechanism based approach replacing the WHO ladder?

Nagy A. Mekhail, Cleveland (USA)
Spinal stenosis: new options?

Beverly-Jane Collet, Leicester (UK)
What psycho-social factors really impact on pain management?

Salim Hayek, Cleveland (USA)
Complex regional pain syndrome: impact of research on the clinical management strategy

Anthony Davison, Lausanne (CH)
Lies, damned lies, and medical statistics?

Philippe Ducor, Genève (CH)
Medico-legal aspects of interventional treatments in Switzerland

Swiss Neuromodulation Society, Case Postale 393, 1009 Pully, Switzerland

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