Innovations in Neuromodulation  Preliminary Program

INS 13th World Congress Pre-Conference, Sunday, 28 May 2017

"The Challenge of Reimbursement: Can We do this Smarter?"

Co-Chairs: Drs. Simon Thomson and  Marc Russo. 
Co-Organizers: Drs. Fabian Piedimonte, Konstantin Slavin, and Jeff Arle

8:00 – 8:15 Welcome and Introduction to the Themes of the Day
Dr. Simon Thomson
8:15 – 8:35 Reflections from a Serial Emerging Company CEO on Global Medical Device Development
Raymond W. Cohen, Chief Executive Officer, Axonics Modulation Technologies, Inc.
8:35 – 9:35         Emerging Company Panel - I
Mainstay Medical, Peter Crosby, Chief Executive Officer
WISE Srl, Luca Ravagnan, Chief Executive Officer
GiMer Medical, Chi-Heng Chang, General Manager
9:35 – 10:05 Notifying Body Perspectives
Suzanne Halliday, D.Phil., Head of Medical Devices Notified Body, BSI Group
10:05 – 10:35  Networking Break
10:35 – 11:35 Emerging Company Panel - II
Guri Oron, Chief Executive Officer, BlueWind Medical
Ripple, Daniel McDonnall, PhD, President
Clearly Present Foundation, Winifred Wu, Chief Officer for Translational Research
11:35 – 12:05 Translational Funding and Support for Innovative Medical Devices 
Dr Ian M Newington, Assistant Director, Innovations, NIHR Central Commissioning Facility
12:05 – 13:00 Investor Panel with Questions and Answers
Juan-Pablo Mas, and Imran Eba, Partners,  Action Potential Venture Capital 
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 15:00 Emerging Company Panel - III
MicroTransponder, Frank McEachern, Chief Executive Officer
Helius Medical Technologies, Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Sackier
G-Therapeutics, Sjaak Deckers, Chief Executive Officer
15:00 – 15:30 New Model for Lowering Costs and Streamlining Process for Bringing Medical Devices Into the Health Arena
Dawn Bardot, PhD, Vice President, Technology Innovation, Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC)
15:30 – 16:45 Emerging Company Panel - IV
NeuroNano Jens Schouenborg, Inventor and Responsible for Research and Development
Bioinduction Limited, Ivor Gilbe, Chief Executive Officer
Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering, John P. Donoghue, PhD, Director, "Accelerating Neurotechnology Development: BCIs"
16:45 – 17:15 NICE: Commissioning Through Evaluation
Mark Campbell, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
17:15 – 18:00 Closing Remarks and Summary and Networking