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Capítulo Argentino de la International Neuromodulation Society

Board of Directors
President: Dr. Enrique Brichetti
Vice President: Dra. María Laura Contartese
Secretary: Dr. Fabián Cremaschi
Treasurer: Dra. Carolina Villa
Titular Councilor: Dr. Darío Adamec
Substitute Councilor: Dra. Adriana Garcia
Substitute Councilor of the Regulation Body: Dr. Nicolas Morera
Executive Secretary: Sr. Leandro Hernan Gomez

For more information, contact:
Juncal 2222 PB (C1125ABD)
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires - Argentina
Phone: (0054+11) 6009-1205 Int. 104
Email: [email protected]

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Since 2006, the Spanish-language research periodical NeuroTarget has been produced by the CENIT Foundation for Research in Neuroscience.Those who might be interested can subscribe free of charge to the digital edition of NeuroTarget by registering at for unrestricted access to the journal´s content.


Newsletter 2021


Announcment (2018):
"3D Design and printing for profesionals in the health field".
This course provides an introductory outlook of 3D printing as an
entrance to the Industry 4.0 paradigm. The goal of this course is to
discover the use of 3D printing, its materials, properties,
transformation processes and applications in the health field.

Start date: November 2
Garraham Hospital 2nd floor.
Fee: $ 3,000
Questions: [email protected]

Flyer (in Spanish)

"Diseño e impresión 3D orientado al equipo de salud". Este curso brinda
un panorama introductorio a la Impresión 3D como puerta de entrada al
paradigma Industria 4.0. Orientado a los profesionales de la salud, le
permitirá conocer el uso de la impresión 3D, sus materiales,
propiedades, procesos de transformación y aplicaciones en el ámbito de
la salud.

Fecha de inicio: 2 de noviembre
Hospital Garraham 2do piso.
Arancel: $ 3.000.
Consultas: [email protected]

Past Events

III Ibero-American Meeting on Neuromodulation – RIAN 2023

November 30 - December 1, 2023
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Read an overview of the following 2014 event in an article by INS President Simon Thomson, MD in NeuroTarget (in Spanish, followed by a translation in English)

International Neuromodulation Conference
II Joint Meeting of Argentinian & Polish Neuromodulation Societies
III Brazilian-Argentinian Joint Meeting on Neuromodulation

October 13, 2014

Park Hyatt Mendoza Hotel, Casino & Spa, Mendoza City, Argentina

Language of the meeting:
English / Spanish (simultaneous translation)

Hosted by:

International Neuromodulation Society
Argentinean Neuromodulation Society
Polish Neuromodulation Society
Brazilian Neuromodulation Society
London Pain Forum
Fundación CENIT para la Investigación en Neurociencias

Scientific Program

Meeting Topics:

The Present and Future of Neuromodulation in:

Chronic Facial Pain
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
Deep Brain Stimulation
Motor Cortex Stimulation
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Peripheral Neuromodulation For Pain
External Neuromodulation
Spinal Cord Stimulation
High Cervical Stimulation
Intrathecal Drug Delivery
Neuromodulation For Parkinson's Disease
Neuromodulation For Depression
Sacral Nerve Stimulation For Urinary Dysfunction


Dr. Juan Carlos Andreani (Argentina)
Dr. Arun Bhaskar (United Kingdom)
Dr. Fabián Cremaschi (Argentina)
Dr. Sam Eldabe (United Kingdom)
Dr. Erich Fonoff (Brazil)
Dr. Alexandre Novicki Francisco (Brazil)
Dr. Tiago Freitas (Brazil)
Dr. Teodor Goroszeniuk (UK/Poland)
Dr. Robert Levy (USA)
Dr. Fabián Piedimonte (Argentina)
Dr. Manuel Hernández Salazar (Mexico)
Dr. Manoel J. Texeira (Brazil)
Dr. Simon Thomson (United Kingdom)
Dr. Vladislav Vasilenko (Russia)

Dr. Miguel Zangone (Argentina)

Contact Us: For registration and hotel information, please contact the meeting organizer, 
Ms. Leticia Serrano, at MCI Group - Leticia dot Serrano at

The Provincial Program  of Neuromodulation of the Province  of Buenos Aires (PPNM) (INS Newsletter Summer 2013)

Director: Juan Carlos M.  Andreani, MD
Vice-Director: Dr. Fabiàn Piedimonte, MD
1st Secretary: Dr. Guillermo Larrarte, MD
2d Secretary: Dr. Miriam Sànchez Crende, MD
3rd Secretary: Dr. Patricia Nucitelli, MD

Neuromodulation techniques are increasingly employed worldwide but in spite of their undeniable benefits, their indications are not completely outlined and are evolving. For this reason, for optimal results, sufficiently trained professionals are needed to perform or indicate their use.

With this in mind, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Provincial Program of Neuromodulation (PPNM) was organized two years ago with the objective of supervising indications for neuromodulation, optimizing results and increasing cost-effectiveness by organizing and training professional staff.

The PPNM is a governmental organization under the Ministry of Public Health of the Province of Buenos Aires, which comprises 15.3 million people in a region of 307.5 square kilometers. Different centers that provide rehabilitation, neurological treatment, and pain management work in association through the PPNM, which is directed by qualified professionals in neuromodulation. Within this structure, patients are selected, operated on, and followed up.

The intent is to open a PPNM branch in each of 12 health districts, under central PPNM supervision, in order to contain costs and facilitate follow-up.

The PPNM has been created to optimize results of neuromodulation techniques and improve patient care by multicenter and multidisciplinary management of experts.

Neuromodulation techniques require expertise and their costs are high whenever this technology is required, hence careful selection of patients and training for healthcare teams are essential.

The experience obtained through the PPNM will be shared with the International Neuromodulation Society (INS) in order to help to inform and guide approaches in other places.

We believe the PPNM is useful to guarantee the maximal benefits of neuromodulation techniques in public health.

The PPNM has been presented at the past two INS world congresses, in London in 2011 and in Berlin in 2013, and can be described as an institution to promote, teach and supervise indications for neuromodulation techniques to improve their cost-effectiveness and to guarantee long-term continuous improvement and access to up-to-date methods.

Our objective in this report is to make the program known to the International Neuromodulation Society community and to show our first two years of activity in the area.

Our first issue was to orient our activity with respect to practices elsewhere, so we gathered information during attendance at INS meetings, and we also took guidelines from other critical branches of medicine, and tried to adapt them in order to manage this governmental agency for neuromodulation.

We took advantage of the complexity of some medical specialties such as cardiac surgery and other critical care issues, such as organ transplantation, which require external oversight in order to be properly managed, thus avoiding failures as much as possible, to achieve at the very beginning a reasonable cost-effectiveness ratio. Neuromodulation techniques have similarities due to requiring advanced technology and highly trained staff, and so need similar organizations to help manage the special characteristics of the activity.

In geographic expansion, our program has opened two centers for surgical activity in different regions of our territory. We are starting a research center, and an agreement with the national government is being evaluated.

During the first two years of our activity in the province of Buenos Aires we handled consultations through mail as well as online. About 300 patients were evaluated and 55 implants were done. Four meetings for specialists and two training courses for nurses and physiotherapists were organized.

Since the very beginning of our existence we have advanced in the objective to treat patients and to guarantee staff development. Still to be accomplished are establishing research programs regarding the main subjects of our discipline, as well as extending our presence to more remote areas of our province.

Dr. Juan Carlos M. Andreani
Director - PPNM

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